tangy rosemary pork chops

I really don’t like dry flavorless pork chops. When we decided to give pork chops another “chance” in our household, it was a big deal that we found something we could actually enjoy,… Continue reading

nut and seed bars

Need a snack for on-the-go that’s not too sweet? Here’s one of our go-to’s… Tools: food processor with chopping blade, sushi mold Ingredients: Nut blend 1 cup almonds 1 cup pecans 1/2 cup… Continue reading

lemon herb chicken

Once upon a time, we went to Cheesecake Factory and ordered their lemon herb half chicken. We loved it so much that my husband came home and worked on replicating it. With the… Continue reading

soft ginger snaps

Sometimes you just need a warm, spicy, soft cookie. This recipe has been modified from paleomg. Tools needed: hand mixer Ingredients: 1 cup coconutĀ butter (or your choice of nut butter) 2 eggs 1/4… Continue reading

pumpkin mousse bars

Need a taste of Fall (even if it’s Spring)? Here’s a solution thatĀ is a delicious mix of pumpkin pie and chocolatey richness… Tools needed: food processor with chopping blade, hand mixer, small pot… Continue reading

chocolate mousse (divine & clean)

Need a fancy, rich, but clean chocolate treat? Try one of my favorite cold desserts: chocolate mousse. Brock made this for me after a long stressful day. Chocolate soothes my soul, and this… Continue reading

chocolate fudge

Craving chocolate? Striving to keep your diet clean? Don’t want a sugar headache? This is my solution: almond date fudge. Some may argue it’s not “fudge,” so you can call it what you’d… Continue reading