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nut and seed bars

Need a snack for on-the-go that’s not too sweet? Here’s one of our go-to’s… Tools: food processor with chopping blade, sushi mold Ingredients: Nut blend 1 cup almonds 1 cup pecans 1/2 cup… Continue reading

soft ginger snaps

Sometimes you just need a warm, spicy, soft cookie. This recipe has been modified from paleomg. Tools needed: hand mixer Ingredients: 1 cup coconutĀ butter (or your choice of nut butter) 2 eggs 1/4… Continue reading

pumpkin mousse bars

Need a taste of Fall (even if it’s Spring)? Here’s a solution thatĀ is a delicious mix of pumpkin pie and chocolatey richness… Tools needed: food processor with chopping blade, hand mixer, small pot… Continue reading

chocolate mousse (divine & clean)

Need a fancy, rich, but clean chocolate treat? Try one of my favorite cold desserts: chocolate mousse. Brock made this for me after a long stressful day. Chocolate soothes my soul, and this… Continue reading

chocolate fudge

Craving chocolate? Striving to keep your diet clean? Don’t want a sugar headache? This is my solution: almond date fudge. Some may argue it’s not “fudge,” so you can call it what you’d… Continue reading